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  • Glass curtain wall, interior and exterior decoration, aluminium alloy (plastic steel) doors and windows

    Shenyang Wanpeng Curtain Wall Door Window Engineering Co., Ltd.

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    Shenyang Wanpeng Curtain Wall Door Window Engineering Co., Ltd.

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    About Us

    Founded in 1996, Shenyang Wanpeng Curtain Wall Door & Window Engineering Co., Ltd is one of the earliest enterprises in northeast China area specializing in glass curtain wall engineering, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, and aluminum alloy (PVC) door and window engineering.


    Established in 1996

    Established in 1996


    Grade AAA unit

    Grade AAA unit


    Over 30 production processes

    Over 30 production processes


    Registered capital of RMB 36 million

    Registered capital of RMB 36 million


    Shenyang Wanpeng curtain wall door and window engineering Co., Ltd

    Shenyang Wanpeng Curtain Wall Door and Window Engineering Co., Ltd. is an earlier company in Northeast China with curtain wall projects as the main body, interior and exterior decoration and decoration. Since the establishment of the company in 96, the company has been engaged in the production of glass curtain wall projects, as well as interior and exterior decoration, decoration projects, aluminum alloy (plastic steel) doors and windows projects radiating to the three northeastern provinces. It is in a leading position in the same industry and enjoys a high reputation.


    Common sense of curtain wall doors and windows

    The building curtain wall is composed of surface material and supporting structural system, has a positioning and shifting ability relative to the main structure or has a certain deformation ability, in addition to transmitting its own load to the main structure, it does not bear the role of the main structure of the building envelope system or decorative structure. #Shenyang Wanpeng curtain wall doors and windows#


    Advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows

    Aluminum alloy doors and windows from the processing of frame profiles, seals, supporting parts production, to doors and windows assembly test, can be organized in the factory, carry out a large number of industrial production, thus conducive to the standardization of door and window product design, product serialization and parts universalization, greatly improve the technical and economic effects of aluminum alloy doors and windows production.


    Why is glass curtain wall used all over the world?

    Glass curtain wall I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar, usually walking on the street can also see many office buildings, commercial buildings, landmark buildings are using glass curtain wall. Now many stores, villas and hotel rooms will also choose to use glass curtain wall for decoration, in fact, even the sun room we most often contact is also a kind of glass curtain wall, in modern urban architecture glass curtain wall is gradually becoming the mainstream of aesthetics.     The origin of glass curtain wall from the development of glass manufacturing technology has promoted the application and development of glass in the construction industry, and the development path and trajectory of glass curtain wall can be roughly divided into the following steps

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